We are “Cum Spe”

(from the latin “With Hope”)

Officially registered in Czech Republic in the public register with ID 11825529.

Who we areProjects

We are a team of people who joined together after the June 2021 disaster that occurred in our South Moravian region, a tornado that killed six people, injured over 200 people, and caused unimaginable emotional damage.
We have been there since day 1, bringing in food and medical aid as needed, creating a “point of rescue” for everyone in need.
We realized that we are a very capable team, each of us with specific abilities, knowledge, skills, and possibilities, and together we form a well-knit team. Since the tornado, we have already completed several projects, and we decided to continue helping because we have experienced that sometimes miracles can indeed happen.

Thanks to the support of our loved ones and people in our community, we are overcoming the obstacles that simply come with such an activity.


We are an all-volunteer team with no paid staff, and we do all these activities in our spare time. We currently pay for most of our own fuel, phone costs, internet, website, etc.

However, the most precious thing we invest is our time. Thanks to the understanding and tolerance of our families and loved ones, we can do what we believe makes sense.

That's why we need you – Donors!

Co-workers of good works – to accomplish great things.

Our current projects

We continue to work for the community, for people in need.

Most recently, this has been for very low-income moms with kids. We are grateful to one of our members who has provided space in an old house to use as a small warehouse to receive clothes, boots, etc, from donors, and we distribute these to those who need them.

Our current biggest project, besides continuous help to the community, is a new place to live for a mother and daughter.

The mother’s name is Vladka, the daughter’s name is Dominika. Dominika is mentally and physically challenged, immobile, and needs daily care.

Unfortunately, in May 2022, Vladka’s father passed away. The family lost part of its income. He had also been the one maintaining their home and doing his best to keep it functional. But due to limited budget (he had been retired for a number of years already), they couldn’t afford to invest in serious repairs and only temporary and the most urgent of fixes were made.

The reality is that the house needs a serious reconstruction, with part of the house to be taken down completely.

Of course, we are hearing from different people that Vladka and Dominika should move to a flat instead, giving up the “comfort” of owning their own home.

But it isn’t that easy to do. First, flats which can accommodate an immobile person’s needs are not available and second, Dominika is also an autistic person and very sensitive to changes.

We created an official public collection →, registered under the Ministry of the Interior.

There’s an official transparent account → associated with it. The establishment of the account requires that the money collected not be used for anything but the primary purpose of the collection.

Our Team and Contact Info

 Václav Mikeš

Václav Mikeš

Chairman, international communication,
Oracle Benevity program,
communication with donors

E-mail: vaclav.mikes@cumspe.com

Phone: +420 602 466 104

Hana Hykšová

Hana Hykšová

Vice-chairman, project coordinator,
communications with clients and donors,
facebook page administrator

E-mail: hana.hyksova@cumspe.com

Phone: +420 737 194 740

Diana Bílková

Diana Bílková

Member of the committee,
handling of subsidies,
project management

E-mail: diana.bilkova@cumspe.com

Phone: +420 723 421 054


Ladislav Hykš

Ladislav Hykš

Member of the committee,
technical support,
web admin

E-mail: ladislav.hyks@cumspe.com

Zuzana Mikešová

Zuzana Mikešová

Administrative tasks,
communication with our

E-mail: zuzana.mikesova@cumspe.com

Monika Hroudná

Monika Hroudná

Humanitarian aid warehouse,
distribution of humanitarian aid
packages to clients

E-mail: monika.hroudna@cumspe.com